Conflicts at The 74

Always good to discuss conflicts of interest, as Paul Farhi does today in The Washington Post regarding The 74, a publication I often turn to as a free lance education writer. It should be noted that on Nov. 16, a date when Betsy DeVos was an active candidate for Secretary … Continue reading

No Mo Mojo?

School reform lost its mojo? Great headline to Robert Pondiscio’s column, and Pondiscio is always worth a read. My favorite part was the reconsideration of Michelle Rhee. Frankly, that’s overdue, given that the unexpected happened — Vince Gray kept Kaya and Rhee’s reforms and it all paid off, based on … Continue reading

John Oliver piece

Interested in my robust response to John oliver/charter schools. I realize it’s supposed to infotainment, but let’s be real: This has an impact on the millennials who soak this in. Can you even imagine the flogging that would incur should I pick the six worst traditional public schools and suggest … Continue reading

The Mulgrew Manifesto

Is UFT President Mulgrew right to assert that charter schools in New York City perform better only because they are “selective” in admissions. To Mulgrew and other charter critics, “selective” refers to the open-to-all lotteries required of charters. Apply, and you have a shot at getting in. But the more … Continue reading

More NYT Charter Weirdness

Today, in a story about the Newark mayor’s race we once again hear about the hedge funders: “The hedge fund and pro-charter crowd has unleashed its own fleet of B-52s, dropping great bags of money on behalf of Mr. Jeffries. Oddly, both men insist they are not charter school ideologues.” … Continue reading