More NYT Charter Weirdness

Today, in a story about the Newark mayor’s race we once again hear about the hedge funders: “The hedge fund and pro-charter crowd has unleashed its own fleet of B-52s, dropping great bags of money on behalf of Mr. Jeffries. Oddly, both men insist they are not charter school ideologues.”

Yesterday we were informed that charters succeed by using “armies of non-union workers” and promising exotic trips. Yet another Times article informed us that Cuomo’s defense of charter schools primarily benefited “financiers.” (My first guess would have been charter parents and children.).

What to make of this? Has Diane Ravitch been named honorary copy editor chief there? My  solution: field trip! Load up the Times reporters and go on a tour of high performing charters in the region. Plenty to choose from.

Funny thing is, I spent more than a year following top charter schools and never once met a hedge funder. I realize hedge funders are players, especially to make up for the fact that charters desperately need help with facilities. I did meet one rich guy, Reed Hastings, who helped out Rocketship. But Netflix is no hedge fund operation.

But to portray charter schools as a play thing of the hedge funders? No copy editor lets that go thru unless sit is intentional. And at the Times, that portrayal is the norm.