DreamBox Excerpts

On the Rocketship is organized around many datelined chapters. To illustrate Rocketship’s role in developing blended learning I trace the history of DreamBox and also describe Rocketship’s role. Today the Hechinger Report begins running those chapters.

Jay Mathews reviews “On the Rocketship”

Jay has it right: I do think Rocketship will bounce back quickly (I think it already has).  My reporting year happened to turn into their learning year, a turbulent time many top charter groups go through. They absorb the lessons-learned, adjust and move in a new direction. If superintendents and … Continue reading

The Mulgrew Manifesto

Is UFT President Mulgrew right to assert that charter schools in New York City perform better only because they are “selective” in admissions. To Mulgrew and other charter critics, “selective” refers to the open-to-all lotteries required of charters. Apply, and you have a shot at getting in. But the more … Continue reading

The Teacher Quality Question

As this NYT column points out today, the real difference between the U.S. education system and successful European systems is teacher quality. In short, they attract the best and we don’t. This may be the biggest innovation we’ve seen from charter schools, which have managed to attract the best and … Continue reading

The “Window of Opportunity” Question

The news out of Newark today once again raises the question of the time limits for making dramatic changes to a failing school district.  Opposition to Cami Anderson’s One Newark plan was the centerpiece of Ras  Baraka’s campaign, which he won. Is this the end of the plan; the end … Continue reading

More NYT Charter Weirdness

Today, in a story about the Newark mayor’s race we once again hear about the hedge funders: “The hedge fund and pro-charter crowd has unleashed its own fleet of B-52s, dropping great bags of money on behalf of Mr. Jeffries. Oddly, both men insist they are not charter school ideologues.” … Continue reading