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Reed HastingsWhitmire’s On the Rocketship captures the week-by-week drama of a group of entrepreneurs, parents, and teachers as they fight to bring high quality schools to more students. The work isn’t easy; I’m sure there were many days that founder John Danner wished he were back at a tech startup.  But unless our nation intends to break its promise to educate all kids, the work has to be done.    – Netflix founder Reed Hastings


On the Rocketship is a powerful story that shines a spotlight on the importance of quality educational options. Whitmire offers keen insights and lessons about the value of collaboration among educators to ensure every student is set up for success in school and in life.    Kipp co-founders Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin


Mike&DaveWorried about where our public schools are going? You must buy this book. Richard Whitmire has written a deep and dramatic account of the turmoil over education reform across the country. He exposes both the triumphs and disasters of the Rocketship schools, and much of the rest of the charter school movement. Whether you love these reforms or hate them, this is the best book yet about what is really going on. – Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews, author of Work Hard. Be Nice: How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America


Diane Tavenner PictureTo truly prepare every student in America for success in college, career, and life, today’s schools need to be able to innovate rapidly and continually evolve. Whitmire examines how Rocketship has embraced this theory of change. This book does a phenomenal job highlighting the strategies, challenges and successes that are possible when educators embrace innovation and set out to create a personalized learning experience for every student.   – Diane Tavenner, CEO & founder, Summit Public Schools


andrew_rotherhamRocketship is among the most interesting stories in education today because the schools show vividly the challenges and opportunities of creating better schools.  Whitmire tells the Rocketship story with characteristic color and an eye toward its broader implications for American education. Whatever you think of charter schools or education reform you must engage with the ideas in this book. – Andrew Rotherham, co-founder of Bellwether Education Partners, author of Eduwonk.com